Toyota Material Handling Europe makes Operator Assist System SEnS+ available on its counterbalanced range

Designed and built by Toyota, SEnS+ smart environment sensor uses a stereoscopic camera module to detect pedestrians and objects behind the forklift. The unique dynamic detection range based on truck parameters supports safe material handling operation and protects operators while reversing.   

Operator Assist System 

SEnS+ is an assistance system designed to support operators to avoid collision risks through notification and truck control, for optimising safety in operations whilst maintaining a high level of productivity and reducing damage costs. 


How it works 

Using proprietary algorithms to distinguish pedestrians from obstacles in the detection area, the assist system detects and minimises collision risks while reversing, helping operators take appropriate action when risks occur. The stereoscopic camera unit, an exclusive forklift design, detects obstacles within the detection area as objects first. Then, as a second step, it distinguishes pedestrians from objects according to their standing characteristics and walking silhouettes.   

The detection area is made up of three zones with different alerts and speed control depending on the zone and object type. SEnS+ provides audible and visual warning alerts that are easy for operators to notice and identify.   

The unique dynamic range detection takes traveling speed and turning angle into account. This allows for accurate detection of obstacles, minimising the number of false warnings and unnecessary slowdowns, therefore maintaining a high level of productivity and efficiency of operation. 

At a standstill, the operator is notified about obstacles behind the forklift before starting to move. If the operator attempts to reverse with an obstacle detected in the travel path, a start motion prevention mechanism limits the truck's starting movement for safe operation. 


Support safe operation with SEnS+ 

Priority is people's safety, but also goods, racking or other infrastructure are better protected by preventing collision risks. Besides unwanted damage and costs to the truck, the driver’s productivity and ergonomics also remain at a high level. 

The Operator Assist System from Toyota can be configured to your unique application and is currently available on Toyota Traigo48 and the Toyota Tonero torque converter models, with more to come. Operating performance may vary depending on the actual specifications and condition of the vehicle, as well as the conditions of the operating area. Differences in installation may apply.  

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